About Us

The Story Behind The Pooch Company

Dear Pooch Company Friend,

In 2017, I launched The Pooch Company with the mission to provide premium pet products that united functionality and modern innovative designs that pet parents would be proud to own. 

Our first product, the Poochables To Go pet food and water travel system was born out of a desire to make outings with my dog less stressful. My sweet rescue pooch, Huxley, is the love of my life. I bring him with me everywhere; hiking, walks, restaurants, picnics, road trips, camping as well to the dog park and beach. For every outing I would pack his dog food in plastic containers, his treats in plastic bags and bring water bottles and bowls to keep him hydrated. 

I kept thinking that there must be a better way to transport his food and water, and during my final semester at Pepperdine University, it came to me. I was tasked with an assignment to invent a product and pitch the idea to my class and a panel of investors, and that is when the Poochables To Go travel system came to life, and the response ever since has been absolutely incredible.

My goal is to continue to bring you high-quality, functional products with fresh modern designs to make your life easier and allow you to focus on giving your pet child the best life ever.


Gina Lucia Brucato

Founder & CEO