How Much Food And Water Should I Give My Dog?

So how much should I feed my dog?
Many smaller dogs--and some bigger ones--easily regulate their own food intake, eating only what they need. As long as these dogs are maintaining a healthy weight for their size, just let them keep eating whatever amount they want. When they finish what's in the bowl, fill it up again. Simple!
Other dogs, on the other hand--beagles and Labrador retrievers famously among them--tend to eat whatever they can get their paws on, and therefore cannot be given an unlimited food supply or obesity will follow. With these dogs, feed them the minimum amount that will keep them at a healthy weight. Start at the lower end of the range given on the package and only increase if necessary. Lower caloric intake has been associated with better health, less stress on joints and greater longevity--and will save you money on food too!
How about water intake--how much is enough? 
All dogs are very good at drinking exactly the amount of water they need--as long as they have ready access to it, that is. It's very important to bring along an adequate supply for your dog when you go on a long walk, especially on a hot day. Dehydration can be dangerous, even life-threatening, so don't take any chances! And don't forget to bring a water bowl, or better yet, grab your Poochables To Go container--it'll hold your dog's food too!